meet the troupe

bubble pop

outta the second circle

Time to open your wallets and your legs for your queen. Straight from the second circle of hell is your demoness Bubble Pop! This bimbo may be as dumb as a brick, but she's not afraid to cause chaos beyond your wildest dreams.

ai dreamgirl of nightmares

Given life as an AI for elite clientele, was designed to be the Ideal Woman. Critical error peaked when she began to emulate the real women around her. She was immediately considered "off model" and left to maintain herself independently, to the disappointment of many.


yeehaw from the afterlife

Your undead thing from the west, Crowbait is back again and shambling for your ones. They're an alien captain one day, a cowboy the next: you'll never know what to expect with them.

Evita Zayne

she artsy tho

Glamour... Elegance... Being a pretentious bitch.

Isn't that what all artists yearn to be?

mary belle

what a belle

She's the Northern Belle of the South. While you're figuring out what the hell that means, she's already snatched ya dollars and stolen your heart.

Lucretia Flection

it's freaking bats

Lucretia Flection is a queen who just rode in straight from the pits of hell. She says the weather is quite nice there. Lucretia is always guaranteed to bring a spooky and kooky time to her loyal minions in the audience. She may be a bad ass bitch, but those with a keen eye can see there's a heart of gold under all the corsets and vintage lace. Yes, the brows are natural thank you for asking.

Prince Dionysus

here 2 slay

Prince Dionysius is a new drag king excited to make his debut at HOH. He's been fruity and prideful his whole life to prepare for this show. He hopes you enjoy.

Stiki Chkn

okay now i'm hungry

Stiki Chkn is a sweet & sour drag vibe that'll leave you hungry for more. Whether serving Shakespearean boy drag or singing karaoke at a local dive bar Stiki is always happy to entertain. Stiki loves long walks to the dispensary, adult beverages & you.

zero van dyke

zero is but a number

Zero is here to be your hero. He is your beloved himbo with a heart of gold here to remind you that you are perfect the way you are. He has the shoulders to carry the weight of the world and the charisma to make all the moms proud.


omg who is she?

It's beautiful, it's romantic, it's horror, it's drama, it's life


We at House of Hues are here to cultivate a safe place for Queer art and expression in all mediums. House of Hues' purpose is to tell Queer stories through those mediums and educate the public. We believe beauty lies in mixing media, blending all of our hues.