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What is Queerstory?

F. A. Q.

Does Queerstory receive rights to my creative work when I submit it?

Nope! Your creative work is always yours. You may choose to post it, edit it, publish it wherever else you wish. Submitting your work to Queerstory simply gives us permission to share it in whole or in part as an element of the collective that is Queerstory.

What if I am not out? Can I remain anonymous?

Yes. If you would like to share your work to be posted as part of the Queerstory collective, you can offer a pen name when submitting your work to us. That way if you ever submit more than one project to Queerstory, readers can find all works created by the same artist in the future. But you don't need to reveal any personal information that you don't wish to share.

What is the deadline?

There is no deadline. Submissions will remain open indefinitely. We will post works in bulk as they are collected, in Volumes. So you might miss out on being in a certain Volume, but your work would just end up being published in the next one!

How many pieces can I submit?

As many as you wish! If you get really excited and decide to submit 20 things at once, we might save a few for being published at a later date. But we will be in communication about that if that is the case.

What should I say in my bio?

You can say whatever you are comfortable saying that you want folks to know when they view your work. For example, you could mention how many years you have been spent writing, what inspires you to paint, links to your portfolio or patreon, or just tell us what your favorite color is. It's really up to you!

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