about us

established in 2022

After a few years of various performing arts opportunities in different venues and under various management, The Troupe decided they were ready to take full autonomous control over their creative work as performers. The creatives in The Troupe wanted to offer a space for all manner of creativity and expression for the LGBTQ+ community in the Yavapai County area.

Thus, House of Hues was born. Kicking off their first full season of shows as an independent entity, The Troupe produced the show RED at the Elks Performing Arts Center in Prescott, AZ. Since then, The Troupe has continued to develop and produce performing arts experiences for their community and shows no signs of stopping any time soon!

House of Hues has hopes to expand with programs to serve not just performance art but expression of all sorts. Keep an eye out for the exciting work HoH is brining to Northern Arizona.


We at House of Hues are here to cultivate a safe place for Queer art and expression in all mediums. House of Hues' purpose is to tell Queer stories through those mediums and educate the public. We believe beauty lies in mixing media, blending all of our hues.

meet the board

Sylvia Ximi


Sylvia Ximi is the premiere president of House of Hues, after functioning as Troupe Manager while the Troupe moved between various owners before finding home under House of Hues. By day, Sylvia works as a graphic and web designer, and enjoys offering their design skills to House of Hues when not running things as a board member. Sylvia's passion lies in creating space for queer people to authentically express their truth, and values allowing identity to be discovered as it is celebrated. Sylvia is also a published writer and illustrator, and has worked in community theater in all variety of roles from performer, to prop and set designer, to director. Letting the community tell HoH how they wish to celebrate and share their own stories is the most exciting part of this work for Sylvia.

Whitney Williams

vice president

Whitney Williams has been a member of House of Hues since 2019. She was elected to the board as our Vice President in 2021 and was a part of the incorporation process that has led to House of Hues being a non-profit. She has her Bachelors in Elementary Education and is a local public school educator. Whitney is a born and raised Prescottonian and has been an avid queer rights activist in our rural town of Prescott working towards truly making her community “Everybody’s Home Town". Creating safe spaces for queer art expression is vital to moving forward as an inclusive community and combatting systemic discrimination. She thinks we can create sustainable change while dancing in heels. Whitney also moonlights as Swan Marie on occasion.

Clinton Slay


Clinton Slay is a proud father of two. He is heavily involved in local theatre, both on stage and behind the curtain. As a gay man, queer representation is important to him. He is proudly a founding member of House of Hues because it creates a space for his community to explore, grow, and blossom in self expression in alignment with the authentic self. Clinton performs with the Troupe as his drag persona of Mary Belle, the Northern Belle of the South. He was raised in Prescott, and has recognized the need for an organization for queer people who have been here like he has, but have been left disenfranchised in the past. The number one virtue Clinton hopes to teach through all that he does is empathy, so that one day his children may grow up in a world that truly values the meaning of love.

Audre GB


Audre is thrilled to be secretary on the board of Yavapai County's first queer arts nonprofit. Having grown up in Prescott, Audre's personal connection to the community drives their passion for the arts, which they pass on to their students as an art teacher. They take pride in being part of the team of creatives that founded and lead House of Hues to thrive in a small town. Audre finds their involvement in House of Hues to be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, and is dedicated to bringing that same feeling to our local LGBTQ community.


board member

Henley Walker is a dedicated professional with a heart for mental health and education. They are deeply passionate about providing equitable and quality clinical services to diverse populations, bringing a wealth of expertise to our board. Beyond the professional realm, Henley finds joy in the exhilarating world of motorcycles, cheers for The New Orleans Saints football team, and embraces the challenge of CrossFit. Family is a cornerstone of Henley's life, providing a source of inspiration and support.  Henley's commitment extends beyond the boardroom; driven by a desire to make art and queer spaces accessible, Henley actively contributes to the local community, enriching lives through inclusive initiatives. Their diverse experiences and unwavering dedication undoubtedly contribute to our mission and impact.

Atlas DeBorde

board member

Atlas DeBorde is a Non-Binary artist and proud Mom. Atlas has been a photographer for 13 years, and also dabbles in writing poetry and autobiographical fiction. They are deeply passionate about LGBTQ+ art and stories. Having lived in Prescott for over 10 years, they see the growing need for safe, inclusive spaces for LGBTQ+ adults and youth to express themselves freely. In this rapidly changing world, Atlas believes that building strong community is extremely important and necessary. As director of QueerStory, they are dedicated to growing the program into a welcoming space for LGBTQ+ Art and Expression of all kinds. In creating these spaces, Atlas hopes to see others build confidence and courage to be exactly who they are, even in a world that wants to erase us. They are excited for what the future holds as House of Hues continues to grow and evolve. In their spare time Atlas enjoys reading, spending time in Nature, and communing with Trees. 

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