March 18, 2022

Hosted by Lucretia Flection and Tay4Pay

❤ RED: An evening of entertainment by The Preskitt Troupe ❤

A cabaret offering in many shades of red: passion, intrigue, love, fantasy, queens kings and royalty. Let the fever envelop your heart.

Hosted by Tay4Pay & Lucretia Flection
Featuring your favorite local drag artists and cabaret performers:, Crowbait, Cowboy Valentine, Damnzzell, Evita Zayne, Mary Belle, Miguel del Sol, Mister Debate, Lexi Mae, Olivia Ortega, Swan Marie and more

Two chances to catch the show! Between our 6:30 and 10:00 performance, there will be a wild variety of fiery red and luscious ruby acts to enjoy. The Troupe has a line up of new and unique numbers in each performance, so if you want to come to both, you will get a different show each time!

Guests under 18 are allowed in with a guardian.
Poster Photo Credit: Bridgitte Krupke, Olivia Ortega, Misty Wood